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Help us Reach a Million this Fall

Dear Friend of Wildlife,

This fall, migrating pollinators and other wildlife may travel through your backyard on their way to their winter home. How can you help these travelers along the way? Here are a few tips:

Hummingbirds, like the ruby-throated hummingbird, can travel up to 2,000 miles south to Central America. Place a hummingbird feeder in your habitat as a refueling stop for these travelers.

Across the country, monarch butterflies are heading south toward Mexico and southern California, flying up to 3,000 miles. Plant native milkweed and late blooming nectar plants such as goldenrod and asters to draw in these colorful travelers.

Migratory songbirds:
Plant trees and shrubs to provide songbirds, like warblers, with a place to roost and to refuel on berries or insects during their travels.

We have almost reached a million pollinator gardens. By certifying your garden you will be counted toward the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge. Certify today to be counted and you’ll also be entered to win a squirrel buster bird feeder!

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By providing food, water, cover and places for wildlife to raise their young you are eligible to have your yard recognized as a Certified Wildlife Habitat. When you certify, you’ll join over 220,000 gardeners across America who provide safe places for pollinators and other wildlife to thrive.

Certify today!

Thank you for all you do for wildlife.

David Mizejewski Sincerely,

David Mizejewski
NWF Naturalist
P.S. Your $20 application fee will help further protect and restore key habitat for bees, butterflies, birds, amphibians and other wildlife nationwide. Plus, your certified garden will count toward meeting the goals of the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge, which will help support pollinators responsible for one third of our food supply.

Benefits of Certification

Bird Feeder

- LIMITED TIME OFFER: Every certification is entered to win a squirrel buster feeder.*

- Personalized Certified Wildlife Habitat

- One year membership to NWF**

- One year subscription to National Wildlife magazine

- Monthly Garden for Wildlife e-newsletter

- 10% off the NWF catalog

Proudly Display Your Accomplishment
CWH Plaque
Certified Wildlife Habitat® Plaque

Once you are certified, help neighbors (and wildlife!) easily recognize your yard as animal-friendly with this stylish sign.

Made from rust-free recycled cast aluminum, this durable 8"x14" sign is available for wall ($89) or lawn mounting ($99). When you certify, select the lawn or wall plaque bundle at checkout.
*While supplies last. Substitutions may apply. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. Excludes Schoolyard Habitat certifications.
**Excludes Schoolyard Habitat certifications.

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