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Garden for Wildlife - Making Wildlife Habitat at Home
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Winging it—Migratory Insects
Winging it—Migratory Insects
Everyone knows about migratory birds that head south for the winter, but did you know that some insects migrate too?

Learn more about these six-legged migrants, from monarch butterflies to dragonflies.
Cover the Ground with Groundcovers
Cover the Ground with Groundcovers
Planting groundcovers is a great way to replace lawn and to keep weeds at bay in your garden beds. Many groundcovers also provide great wildlife habitat.

Find out more about great groundcovers from our friends at American Horticultural Society.
Edible Gardens for People and Pollinators
Edible Gardens for People and Pollinators
Creating gardens that support pollinators not only helps these important wildlife, it can help your vegetable garden too.

Find out how edible gardens are a win-win for both people and pollinators.
Autumn Beauties for the Garden
Autumn Beauties for the Garden
Fall is just around the corner, but that doesn’t mean your wildlife habitat garden has to stop blooming.

Discover some of the best fall-blooming plants to attract migrating monarchs, bees and other pollinators.
Featured Product: Hopper Feeder
Featured Product: Hopper Feeder
Keep all of your feathered friends fed and happy this fall with our classic hopper feeder. Birds such as chickadees, titmice, woodpeckers, cardinals, juncos, sparrows and nuthatches will supplement their natural foods with seed you provide in this feeder all through cold season.

See it here.
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