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Dear Friend of Wildlife,

Sea turtles need our help. While once abundant, marine turtle populations now are a fraction of what they once were due to poaching, wildlife trade, and habitat loss.

The WILD Act would ensure these protections for sea turtles and other treasured species, but we need your help to move this critical proposal through Congress.

Tell your representative to cosponsor H.R. 5885, the WILD Act, today. Sea turtles and many other species are counting on us.


Sea turtles face significant threats to their continued existence—being killed by poachers for their eggs, meat, and shells; by man-made disasters such as oil spills; accidental or intentional capture in fishing nets, trawls and hooks; and the degradation of the grass beds and coral reefs that they rely on.

But the WILD Act would help sea turtles and many other at-risk wildlife. This series of common-sense conservation measures would ensure programs like the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Marine Turtle Conservation Fund could continue to protect threatened and endangered sea turtles.

Marine turtles migrate vast distances throughout the oceans, so successful conservation requires close cooperation among coastal countries. Support from the Marine Turtle Conservation Fund helps build partnerships in over 40 countries to protect sea turtles and their nesting habitats. But this funding could dry up without passage of the WILD Act.

Speak out for sea turtles and other vulnerable wildlife: Call on your representatives to cosponsor the WILD Act.

The WILD Act would also reauthorize the Multinational Species Conservation Funds, which support the conservation of some of the world's most renowned animals. For nearly 30 years, this funding has worked to recover and safeguard species such as sea turtles, gorillas, elephants, rhinos, and tigers.

The WILD Act would also help control the spread of invasive species, incentivize landowners to protect wildlife, and create Theodore Roosevelt Genius Prizes to fund innovative new ideas for protecting wildlife.

Send a message to your representatives right now and call on them to cosponsor H.R. 5885, the WILD Act.

Thank you for speaking out. We need your support now more than ever before to ensure a safer future for wildlife and people.

Mike Leahy


Mike Leahy
Advisor for Wildlife Policy
National Wildlife Federation Action Fund
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