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Whooping Cranes Need Your Help

Toxic oil spills in the wetlands and rivers that whooping cranes rely on?
whooping cranes

Your $35 gift can help stop the dirty oil pipeline today.

Dear Friend of Wildlife,

Every year about 200 migrating whooping cranes--the last remaining wild flock--arrive along the Texas coast from Canada's far north. But, this yearly migration could soon cost them their lives.

The proposal to build a tar sands oil pipeline, stretching from Canada to Texas, would threaten the wetlands and rivers that whooping cranes rely on to rest along their long journey.

President Obama could announce any day whether he will approve the construction of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline--and we're running out of time to make an impact.

Protect endangered whooping cranes from the next oil disaster--donate $35 today and help make this weekend's massive day of action at the White House a success.

We have been fighting this dangerous and unnecessary pipeline for well over a year. We're helping assemble thousands of people at the White House this Sunday, November 6th--and your financial support is needed now more than ever to get the voices of America’s wildlife advocates out in the press, and to send the strongest possible message to President Obama.

The truth is, these incredible whooping cranes desperately need our help. With the very real risk of oil spills from this dangerous pipeline, these endangered birds could be swimming in pools of oil before our eyes--and at that point it might be too late to save them.

Please donate $35 today to stop dirty oil from entering whooping crane habitat.

If approved, the Keystone XL would carry as much as 900,000 barrels of oil each day across more than 70 rivers and streams along the migration corridor of the whooping crane. The original Keystone tar sands oil pipeline has already leaked a dozen times in just one year of operation. If the Keystone XL ruptures, it could spell disaster--not just for the cranes, but for all nearby wildlife.

Don't let these remarkable birds face such a terrible threat without putting up a fight.

Your $35 gift can help send the message to President Obama that this pipeline poses an unacceptable risk to wildlife--please donate today.

Thanks for all you do for America's wildlife!


Sue Brown
Executive Director
NWF Action Fund
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