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Save Appalachian Wildlife: Bears Are Being Buried Alive
Dear Friend of Wildlife,

Imagine looking out over a pristine, forested mountain range. Birds whistle in the trees. In the distance, a black bear and her cubs poke their noses out of a den.

Now imagine bulldozers blazing right over the entrance of that den — literally burying the bears alive. In the place of expansive, untouched landscape, you now see a barren wasteland. You can hear the desperate cries of a mother bear who knows that she and her cubs are doomed.

This heartbreaking account came from a woodsman who witnessed the tragic bulldozing in his own backyard. It exemplifies the reality for black bears in the Appalachian mountains. These animals and others need your help right away!

Three phrases that should never be used near wildlife are clear-cutting, bulldozing and blasting.

Many cherished species in the Appalachian region, from Alabama to Maine, are having difficulty finding the bare necessities — shelter, food and water — they need to survive. What should be ingrained rights for all wildlife up and down the Appalachian Trail are becoming scarce. YOU can help by donating to National Wildlife Federation today.

NWF is committed to saving the treasures of
Appalachia. Your support will help NWF work with
key landowners, government officials, and other
partners. Here are just a few of the ways we work to
protect wildlife:

  • Engage in efforts to ensure that all coal
    mining operations meet legal requirements
  • Clear vegetation and other materials that
    lure animals to roadways and into harm’s way
  • Lead coalitions to identify and buy lands
    to help wildlife safely find, food, water,
    and shelter
  • Stop mining companies from burying
    streams permanently
The destruction has been happening for almost two decades, and is sure to continue without your support. Help us end this fight right now.

If these practices continue, the destruction of the lands and waters of our Appalachian forests will only accelerate and endanger the unique and extraordinary flora and fauna of the region, from the ruffled grouse and bobcat to black bears and so many more.

The time to act is now. Help protect wildlife with a donation today. Without these precious ecosystems, wildlife like black bears will surely lose access to the basics they need for survival.

John KostyackSincerely,
John Kostyack signature
John Kostyack
Vice President,
Wildlife Conservation

Help give
wildlife access
to food, water
and shelter


Friend, we need your
to protect
the homes of black
bears from complete

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