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How can you speak up for wildlife this month?
1. Thank Scholastic for printing Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows on recycled paper.
2. Stop the Florida panther death toll from rising!
3. LAST CHANCE -- Urge the Forest Service to protect black-footed ferrets.
4. "Cosponsor Countdown" Action of the Day -- Make a call for global warming solutions
5. LAST CHANCE -- "Dump the Pumps," a dangerous water project that could destroy Mississippi's wetlands.

July 2007

Thank Scholastic for Helping Harry Potter Go Green!

On July 21st, 12 million copies of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows will hit shelves around the world, and thanks to Scholastic, Inc., 65 percent of the paper used will have the Forest Stewardship Council stamp of approval.

This is HUGE news in the book publishing biz, and it helps to make great strides in the fight to protect Canada’s Boreal Forest. Now to make sure Harry’s broom is made from FSC-certified wood...


Stop the Florida Panther Death "Toll"

Florida panthers are paying a deadly toll on the Sunshine State's highways. So far in 2007, a record number 14 panthers have died from vehicle collisions. The Florida Department of Transportation could keep this gruesome statistic from rising by making the state's roads more "panther safe." But they need to hear from you!


NWF Turns up the Heat in the Iowa Presidential Caucus

NWF Rides RAGBRAI... A team of cyclists from the National Wildlife Federation is joining the Register's Annual Great Bike Ride Across Iowa (RAGBRAI) July 22-28, to talk to cyclists, local residents and politicians about the need for aggressive action to confront global warming. "Team NWF will post blogs throughout the week, highlighting events, conversations and politician encounters. Come meet the team!

Help put candidates on the record in Iowa... Presidential candidates are campaigning in Iowa, but are they talking about wildlife or global warming? Find out how you can turn up the heat in Iowa.


Last Chance to Protect Black-footed Ferrets!

It's getting down to the wire for black-footed ferrets in South Dakota's Conata Basin! The Forest Service needs YOUR INPUT by July 23, 2007 as to whether it should go forward with a plan to poison prairie dogs in the area--a move that will sabatoge recovery efforts for ferrets, one of the most endangered mammals in the U.S.


Protect Mississippi's wetlands from a dangerous Army Corps project by urging the EPA to "Dump the Pumps!"

163 House Members are signed onto strong global warming legislation.

Action of the Day:
Make a Call!

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