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Colleges around the country are leading the movement to reduce global warming. Tune in and Chill Out on April 15 for a webcast showcasing the best examples of campus-based climate action.

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Get outside and connect with nature during National Wildlife Week, March 16-20. Download free activities for families, Wildlife Watch lists of plants and animals near you, Ranger Rick’s tips for going green, and more.

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10,000 Students Gather in Washington to
Demand Climate Action (and You Can Too!)

Speak Up Today!From February 27-March 1, more than 10,000 young people from every state in the country convened at Power Shift 2009 in Washington DC. 

Following a weekend filled with workshops, panel discussions and trainings centered on some of today's most pressing conservation concerns, thousands of these young advocates met with their elected officials to ask for a commitment to passing strong climate legislation this year to help secure their energy, environmental and economic future.


Historic Public Lands Bill Stalled in the House

The Omnibus Public Lands Bill, with provisions to protect public lands and parks in sixteen states, is now up for a vote in the US House of Representatives. Early in February, Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar cancelled permits that would have allowed oil or gas drilling on 77 parcels of land in Utah. But while the new Department of the Interior is looking out to protect our natural world, it seems that the Omnibus Public Lands Bill will face a tough fight in the House.

Speak Up Today: Ask your representative to support this critical bill.

Strength Restored to Endangered Species Act

On Tuesday, President Obama directed federal agencies to once again consult with independent scientists at the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to determine if their actions might harm threatened and endangered species. This action will limit the damage caused by the midnight Endangered Species Act regulations put in place by the previous administration.

Thanks to all of you that sent in messages to Congress over the past few months in defense of the Endangered Species Act!

Read More: NWF responds to this victory for threatened wildlife.

EPA Considers Reversing Rollbacks on Environment

Under a new administration, the Environmental Protection Agency has been reconsidering past decisions to allow global warming pollution to go unchecked. Over the next few months, the EPA will revisit their role in regulating carbon emissions for coal-fired power plants. The agency is also expected to use its authority to protect public health to regulate greenhouse gases. As the agency deliberates on new policy, it will be open to comments from the public.  

Send in Your Comments: Help get cleaner cars on America's roads

Recovery Package Mixed for Green Education

While the economic recovery package signed into law last month included a clear victory for green jobs, education and training, the results on green schools funding was mixed.

Up to $10 billion of the state stabilization funds for education in the recovery package may be spent on school modernization, with a priority for green, but there is no specific set-aside for green renovations of America's schools. The final decision for how these funds will be spent is ultimately up to individual Governors.  

Learn more: Check out NWF's efforts to promote green education


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