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Helpful tips to keep backyard wildlife cool this summer

Dear Friend of Wildlife,

With the heat of the summer in full swing, you know there’s
nothing quite as refreshing as a cold glass of water or a
dip in the pool, lake or ocean. But what would you do if
you were one of the many animals that can’t find that relief?
Since normally abundant water sources can begin to dry up
in the sun and heat, some wildlife find themselves desperate
to find a cool haven.

You can help provide a refreshing oasis for wildlife
this season simply by creating an official National
Wildlife Federation Certified Wildlife Habitat™ site!

Whether it’s a place for birds to clean their feathers or a stopover for butterflies to refuel with a quick drink, all wildlife need water year-round. And they’re relying on you to help!

Catbird bathingSimply providing a water
source in your backyard is
one of the best ways to
care for and attract local
wildlife, from turtles and
frogs to birds and butterflies.

Here are a few helpful hints for turning your yard into a haven for wildlife this summer.

  • Provide a bird bath on a pedestal or a shallow dish at ground level to attract birds and other animals.
  • Make a puddling area where butterflies can gather and take in nutrients.
  • Clean and refill your bird bath or water dish every few days to prevent your water source from becoming a breeding habitat for mosquitoes.
  • Create a pond, if space permits, to provide habitat as well as a water supply for frogs, dragonflies and more.
After providing a water source for wildlife, don’t forget to designate your garden as a Certified Wildlife Habitat™ site. You’ll not only experience wildlife in your own yard, but for your $20 application fee, you’ll receive many other benefits too (see sidebar to right)!

Get started today!

David MizejewskiSincerely,
David Mizejewski signature
David Mizejewski
NWF Naturalist, Media
Spokesperson, Author

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