One Sea Turtle's Journey in the Atlantic

Global warming impacts sea turtles, including one named "Journey," whose swim in the Atlantic took her as far north as Maryland. The warming waters of the Atlantic can also be home to the renewable energy that is critical to the future of wildlife.


Photo: Sea Turtle Conservancy

"Journey" is a leatherback sea turtle swimming in the Atlantic waters at least 30 miles off the coast of South Carolina, as she heads south after a visit to the waters off the coast of Maryland. She travelled north in the Atlantic Ocean there from nesting grounds in Florida, where scientists placed a GPS receptor on her shell.

Florida nesting habitat for sea turtles, their food sources, and their hatchlings are all at risk from impacts of global warming--which is raising sea levels, causing increased beach erosion, and warming the sand that determines the ratio of female and male hatchlings--harming the future of sea turtles.

Outside of the relatively small areas of nature preserves where Journey nested, development along most of the beaches on Florida's coast means that there is little space for beaches to be moved inland by the impacts of climate change before hitting concrete, on which sea turtles do not nest.

Transitioning to clean energy and away from burning fossil fuels that litter our air with global warming pollution is critical to protecting the future of wildlife--including the leatherback sea turtle.

The Atlantic Ocean can be the site of clean energy that aids in the fight against global warming. By developing wind farms that are located, designed and operated in ways that avoid impacts to wildlife, states along the Atlantic coast can create large volumes of renewable energy in a wildlife-friendly way. 

The Obama Administration just hit the accelerator in the pursuit of offshore wind energy for America, and the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) is taking steps towards identifying areas for offshore wind development in Mid-Atlantic states. Right now, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management needs to hear the strong public support for wildlife-friendly offshore wind.

Take action for Journey and her hatchlings' futures--speak up in support of clean offshore wind energy in the Atlantic >>