Final Chance to Speak Up for Polar Bears

In the last few months, almost 2 million people like you made history with the strength of your support for limiting the carbon pollution that drives global warming and harms polar bears' future.

In May, we delivered comments from one million people who had sent messages to the Environmental Protection Agency to support historic limits global warming pollution from new coal-fired power plants. Now, we are almost 2 million strong.

Polar Bea withr EPA Carbon Rule Comments

At public hearings with the Environmental Protection Agency in Washington D.C. and Chicago, advocates spoke passionately and eloquently about how wildlife they care about deeply are suffering from global warming, and how the increasing severe weather is impacting the local places where Americans connect with nature.

Congratulations on being the backbone of this incredible movement to fight global warming. The outpouring of support for strong limits on carbon pollution from new coal-fired power plants has us primed and ready to take the fight to the next level--reducing pollution from existing power plants, which is the top source of carbon pollution in the nation.

If you have not yet spoken up for polar bears, take action today before Monday's deadline.