Showing Up for Wildlife

When Randy Hammer received a phone call letting her know about an important public hearing to show support for offshore wind, she went.

Speaking about the public hearing on offshore wind that she attended in Boston, Randy explains:

It was a direct connection--something that I could do physically--to add my body to a population of people who are supporting wind energy.

She noted that making it out to add your support in person is not always easy when you work all day and have other things on your agenda, but on this day, she was able to make standing up for offshore wind her priority.

Offshore wind is a critical source of clean energy, and the National Wildlife Federation is working to ensure it is developed in a wildlife-friendly manner.

Positive Experience at the Public Hearing

The event was a public hearing on offshore wind with the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. It was critical to fill the room to show decision-makers and the media that local people care about developing clean energy in the Atlantic to help reduce the global warming pollution that threatens the future of wildlife.

Randy was positive about the experience, saying:

I have never been to this kind of event and it was really fun to see live people who spoke from different organizations.

Randy said that she would be happy to speak at the next hearing that she goes to, and would just need help with the wording--which is not a problem since we are happy to help people prepare to speak up in support of wildlife at important public hearings and events!

Motivated by Wildlife

Like many of our supporters, Randy is motivated by protecting wildlife. Polar bears are of particular concern to her, as are birds--more and more of which she notices going on the endangered species list. After getting into birding over the last three years, she has come to understand that the health of our bird populations is a barometer for what is going on with the world, and believes that if we can keep their populations healthy, it is good for the rest of the world.

Take Action

Add your voice for offshore wind--speak up on behalf of sea turtles in the Atlantic Ocean that are suffering from climate change.

Take a look at our Advocacy Toolkit for more ways to make a difference for wildlife.