Raising over $400 for Wildlife, One Critter at a Time

By asking his friends and family to give "$5 for the Little Critters," Jared Polivka recently raised over $400 dollars in the fight for wildlife in only 12 days.

Last month, Jared stumbled upon the Raise the Future competition on Rally.org, which gave individual members of the public the opportunity to raise donations for the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund, and immediately he knew that wildlife was a cause he wanted to support.

The online fundraiser was so successful, Jared explained, because the people he asked to donate had a personal connection with him, he provided a concise explanation of what he was asking people for, and he clearly explained what NWF Action Fund and its sister organization, the National Wildlife Federation*, the NWF does by providing links to our website for more information. Jared had fun with the fundraiser, thanking everyone who donated with an image captioned with a personalized message.

Thanks Jim - Fundraising Thank You
Though the first time Jared heard of the National Wildlife Federation was only a few months ago, he grew up with learning about the conservation ethic in which NWF and the NWF Action Fund is strongly rooted. 

As a child in Ohio, he went fishing with his grandfather, who would talk with him about conservation and Teddy Roosevelt -- the same conservationist who was important in the history of NWF.  Having worked the nightshift for a car manufacturer for over 30 years, his grandfather explained to Jared that a lot of companies did not disclose their waste chemicals and weren't taking care of places around them. Jared remembers his grandfather telling him how fishing spots that he used to go to weren't the same due to pollution.

He instilled in his grandson that not only do companies need to be responsible; people also need to hold companies responsible, and hold government responsible for protecting the environment. During conversations out walking in the woods or fishing he taught Jared that your actions have consequences, and if you are going to run a company--or even in your individual lifestyle--you need to think about how you dispose of pollution or your own waste.

These are the lessons in conservation and advocating for wildlife that stuck with Jared.

Now, he is helping the National Wildlife Federation Action Fund advocate for the wildlife, streams and rivers that he grew up fishing in.

Jared is also helping other non-profits and campaigns be successfully advocate for their causes through the start-up called Victory Framework that he co-founded. The company produces website templates that allow nonprofits and campaigns to launch their website quickly and smoothly. Just like the Rally.org website where Jared fundraised for NWF Action Fund provides a simple template for raising money, his company provides easy to use websites for non-profits and campaigns, allowing them to spend their time campaigning on their issue.

Share the opportunity for your friends to donate to NWF Action Fund.

* The National Wildlife Federation Action Fund™ is a 501 (c)(4) organization that mobilizes Americans from all walks of life and political stripes to give wildlife and wild places a voice in the democratic process. By raising the visibility of key conservation issues with voters and elected officials, like its sister organization the National Wildlife Federation, NWF Action Fund inspires Americans to protect wildlife for our children's future.