Fight Continues for the Western Meadowlarks

U.S. House Agriculture Committee passes a Farm Bill that includes subsidies that reward people for destroying wetlands and causing soil erosion.

western meadowlarkMuch of the United States once supported a vast sea of native grassland. Today, in many parts of the country, that sea of grass has been reduced by more than 90 percent, and along with it, birds like the Western Meadowlark have declined.

Unfortunately the House Agriculture Committee passed a Farm Bill that will lead to destruction of prairies and wetlands that are important to wildlife--from the Western Meadowlark to the pintail duck.

Read more on the National Wildlife Federation's response to the farm bill.

The lack of  wetlands protection requirements on crop insurance means that the estimated $90 billion to be spent on taxpayer subsidies for crop insurance over the next ten years could be subsidizing the destruction of tens of thousands of acres of valuable wetlands, resulting in increased downstream flooding and loss of wildlife habitat. This provision was included in the Senate bill after an amendment on the floor.

Take ActionKeep up the fight to protect the Western Meadowlark--urge your U.S. Representative to support conservation in the U.S. Farm Bill.