The United States Goes Green and Lean

Government to Cut Its Own Emissions 28%, Save Oil, Cut Energy Bill

The White House has announced plans to slash the federal government’s global warming pollution by 28% over the next decade. According to the White House Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ), the federal government is the nation’s largest energy consumer, with an energy bill of $24.5 billion in 2008.

“We have a responsibility to American citizens to reduce our energy use and become more efficient,” said President Obama in a statement. “Our goal is to lower costs, reduce pollution, and shift Federal energy expenses away from oil and towards local, clean energy.”

National Wildlife Federation President and CEO Larry Schweiger lauded the effort:

"Leadership starts from the top, and once again President Obama is showing his commitment to protecting our environment and promoting energy independence. This is a well-thought out plan that shows that we can significantly reduce pollution, save oil, and reduce our energy bills at the same time. This is good for taxpayers, it's good for our children's future, and it's good for wildlife and the environment. If the federal government can cut pollution by 28% this decade while saving money, then imagine what the nation's biggest corporate polluters could do if they focused on innovation and protecting our environment.

CEQ says the move is expected to save the equivalent of 205 million barrels of oil per year. Click here for the report.