Join in Our Photo Petition to Cut Global Warming Pollution

A picture is worth a thousands words, so email us your photo showing why you want strong fuel efficiency standards, which protect wildlife by reducing oil use and pollution from cars.

Wildlife are struggling from the effects of global warming. In fact, 20% of the worlds' lizard species are at risk of going exinct from global warming in our lifetimes.

Right now, one of the biggest single step we can take to reduce global warming pollution and cut our addiction to oil is to set strong fuel efficiency standards for America’s new cars.

Over the next month President Obama will be deciding how strong the fuel efficency standards will be for new vehicles. We need to send a strong message to President Obama to seize this opportunity to make 60 mpg the standard for new vehicles by 2025.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so help show President Obama that Americans from coast to coast support 60 mpg fuel efficiency standards by entering the photo petition.

Its easy to participate - here's how:

  1. Snap a photo of the reason why you want 60 mpg.
    • Wildlife or natural places that are at risk from global warming.
    • Thumbs down at the pump--because you can't afford to fill up so often.
    • You holding a sign with your own reason--because there are so many reasons to Go60 mpg.
  2. Email your photo to with the subject line: "I want 60 mpg because..."
  3. Sign the petition to show your support for strong vehicle fuel efficiency standards - 60 mpg by 2025.
  4. Tell your friends!

We will collect the photos that are submitted and deliver them with your signatures to President Obama and other key decision-makers at US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Transportation and show them it’s time to set strong standards--60 mpg! The images you submit will put a face on this issue - a face that cannot be ignored.

Send us your photo by July 4th!

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By submitting images to National Wildlife Federation Action Fund ("NWFAF"), you hereby donate the images to NWFAF and agree that NWFAF shall have the unfettered right to deal with the images or any part thereof in any way that it chooses. You hereby hold harmless and release and forever discharge NWF from all causes of action which you or your estate may have by reason of this donation.