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(1) For 15 years, hundreds of scientists have told us that removing 4 costly and out-dated dams on the lower Snake River in eastern Washington State must be the centerpiece of any effective salmon recovery plan in the Columbia and Snake Rivers.

(2) Today, ALL remaining Snake River salmon and steelhead runs are in danger of extinction:
-- Just THREE Snake River sockeye salmon survived to reach their Idaho spawning grounds in 2006.

-- Up to 90% of young Snake River salmon and steelhead are killed by federal dams each year as they migrate to the ocean.

(3) A federal court has ruled the last three Columbia-Snake River Salmon Plans are "inadequate" and "illegal." The Bush Administration's invalidated 2004 Salmon Plan was going to cost $6 BILLION ($6,000,000,000), though the government confessed that it would not actually recover our fish. (Under court order, a new federal salmon plan is due this summer.)

(4) Over the last 25 years, the federal government has wasted more than $7 billion of taxpayer dollars on ineffective "recovery" measures.

We are wasting billions of dollars but get fewer fish returning each year to our Pacific Northwest signature rivers: the Columbia and the Snake.

Our salmon and steelhead, our rivers, our fishing communities and economies, and American taxpayers. It's time to invest our public dollars on programs that work. The Salmon Economic Analysis and Planning Act will make sure that we have the scientific and economic information needed to understand the costs and benefits of removing the four lower Snake River dams, and to craft a legal, science-based AND fiscally-responsible recovery plan to restore healthy salmon and steelhead populations to our Northwest rivers and West Coast communities.

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