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Vermont Peregrine Falcon Recovery Program

The peregrine falcon is one of the Endangered Species Act's biggest success stories, thanks to recovery programs like the one in NWF's northeast office.

Peregrine falcon photo by USFWSThe Northeastern Natural Resource Center has been coordinating peregrine falcon recovery efforts in Vermont since 1999. Biologists work with volunteers to monitor and protect nesting cliffs during the breeding season, all in partnership with the Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife.

To determine the status of territorial peregrine falcons, occupied cliffs throughout the state are monitored from early April through late July. With landowner permission, access to some cliffs is restricted during the breeding season so as to minimize human disturbance. Annual monitoring efforts attempt to locate nests, determine breeding activity, and monitor threats.

The peregrine falcon is one of the first species to be listed under the federal Endangered Species Act, and the species' recovery is one of the Act's greatest success stories. Peregrines were removed from the Vermont list of endangered species in 2005, but are still listed as a Species of Greatest Conservation Need in the Vermont State Wildlife Action Plan. Threats such as contaminants, human disturbance and development still threaten the long-term stability of the peregrine population in Vermont and the region.

Visit NWF's peregrine falcon website for more information about the birds.