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Three Climate Bills Up for a Vote in Oregon

The Oregon state legislature is considering three global warming bills that could set the state on a good path for clean energy solutions.

The Climate Change Integration Act (H.B. 3543)

This bill establishes science-based goals for reductions in global warming pollution in Oregon and will provide much needed structure and coordination for tackling the problem of global warming.

The Power Plant Performance Standard (H.B. 2859)

This bill encourages low-carbon energy development and minimizes risks to consumers who could be subject to higher energy costs as the cost of reducing or offsetting carbon emissions becomes more expensive in the future.

The Carbon Cap and Trade System (H.B. 3545)

This bill would reduce Oregon's global warming pollution by establishing a regulatory structure for Oregon's electricity and fossil fuel (non-vehicle) consumers. This market based cap and trade approach allows energy providers to select the most cost effective tools for reducing emissions, including allowing for trading with others who can capture and reduce carbon at a lower cost.