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It's easy. Taking action to protect our children's future is easier than you think. Just a few seconds of your time can make all the difference for future generations.

Join us in taking small steps that will make a big difference for our children's future:

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Every day you do small things to help leave our kids a healthier and safer world--buying recycled products, shopping organic or conserving energy around your house.

And there's one thing you can do today that's even easier.

You can ask your U.S. senators to support an important new bill that will protect our natural world, create millions of green jobs and help move our country to a cleaner and safer energy future.

That's right--it takes only a few seconds and the click of a mouse today to make a big difference for our children's future.

Watch the Stories ...

We all have our reasons why we take small steps to care for our planet. By sharing your story and sharing your motivations, you can help inspire more people to take the small steps that count.

National Wildlife Federation staffers Adam, Cathy and Carla all have different reasons for fighting to curb global warming pollution, protect our natural world and ensure that we leave our kids a world of sustainable clean energy solutions.

Check out their stories and then share your own below:


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