Welcome to my 3rd annual CAMPING adventure!

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Yes, you heard me..I'm going back for more CAMPING, please!

What if in one night you could help American children lead longer, healthier, happier lives?

On Saturday, June 22nd, National Wildlife Federation’s Great American Backyard Campout will provide an opportunity for me to open the door and sleep under the stars for our nation’s kids!

On June 22nd, tens of thousands of people across the nation will gather in backyards, neighborhoods, communities and parks to take part in a one-night event that will provide a memorable experience for all generations to a night of old-fashioned fun outdoors. Great American Backyard Campout is family fun with a purpose: helping American kids benefit from outdoor time.

Some of you may know this is my third year in a row that I have participated in this fundraiser.  I would say I can now be considered a "seasoned camper"!  Hee!  Two camping trips under my belt and I'm going back for more! 

I am hoping each of you, if you are able, will support my efforts once again to raise money for the National Wildlife Federation.  I'm just a wanna-be happy camper, but I really believe in this cause...to help more children get outdoors and enjoy a lifetime of healthy, outdoor play. 

Just click on the "Donate" tab to contribute!  Thank you! 

~Sonya (aka, Camper Girl)


Livin' it up at the Hotel California...oh wait, no hotels in camping!
Livin' it up at the Hotel California...oh wait, no hotels in camping!


Wild girls in the wilderness!
Wild girls in the wilderness!

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