Support Offshore Wind Power for Wildlife

Offshore Wind Turbines
Progress: 84%
Progress: 84%
Alerts Taken: 4200     Goal: 5000

It’s official: for the first time, energy generated by offshore wind power is flowing into the U.S. electricity grid. With the nation’s first five turbines, America has joined a booming global industry. We now need to ensure that this is the start of something big.

Offshore wind has tremendous potential to power America’s communities, combat climate change and, in turn, protect wildlife like the endangered North Atlantic right whale that are vulnerable to the effects of rising sea temperatures. Our treasured wildlife is depending on strong leadership now to address climate change.

Federally designated wind energy areas off our shores are capable of powering millions of U.S. homes. It’s critical that state leaders on the Atlantic Coast seize this opportunity. Now is the moment to increase our reliance on pollution-free, affordable, and reliable energy solutions. We need your help to make sure that responsibly developed offshore wind power plays a key role in each state’s energy future.

Add your voice! Send a message to your governor to show your support for offshore wind power as an important part of your state’s energy future.

*Note: This alert is only open to residents of these Atlantic states: CT, DE, FL, GA, MA, ME, NC, NH, NJ, NY, RI, SC, VA


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