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Snowy Egret
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Progress: 49%
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The Migratory Bird Treaty Act—one of the oldest and most successful conservation laws in the United States—will be gutted unless we act now. The Act currently protects 1,000 bird species from intentional and preventable harm, such as oil spills in coastal waters, poorly placed transmission lines, and other actions that result in bird deaths.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently signaled that the agency would no longer enforce the Migratory Bird Treaty Act except in the extremely limited cases of purposefully causing death and harm. This is a drastic reduction in protection for vulnerable species.

This is unacceptable! We need these strong protections to stay in place to prevent the deaths of millions of migratory birds.

Your signature can make a difference! Sign the petition and call on President Trump to reinstate protections and uphold the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.

Protect birds like the snowy egret, uphold the Migratory Bird Treaty Act

Dear President Trump,

The Migratory Bird Treaty Act defends over 1,000 species of birds and is one of the oldest and most successful conservation laws in the United States. It has been supported by both Republican and Democratic Administrations, and it has helped protect birds for 100 years from preventable harm.

Please stand strong and protect the amazing diversity of bird life we have in the United States. People love having birds in their life, from the beautiful snowy egret to the amazing puffin. The Migratory Bird Treaty Act is a critical protection for these birds, and we need it to safeguard their future.

Many species of migratory birds in the United States are in trouble. The cerulean warbler has suffered a 75 percent decline between 1996 and 2012, one of the steepest decline of any warbler species. Chimney swift populations declined in the United States by 53 percent from 1966 to 2007. The number of wood thrush that breed in the United States has decreased more than 60 percent over the last 50 years. And the evening grosbeak has declined 92 percent since 1970, the steepest decline of all land birds in the continental U.S. Losing these species forever would be heartbreaking to bird lovers across the country.

President Trump, I urge you to uphold the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. Please don't be responsible for rolling back protections under this 100-year-old critical bird law. Stand strong and reinstate full protections under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. We need your strong voice and support.

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