Stop Hard Rock Mines from Poisoning Grizzlies

Progress: 75%
Progress: 75%
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Right now, grizzly bears of Bristol Bay, Alaska are at risk from the toxic pollution of hard rock mining. The Pebble copper and gold mine, proposed for the pure headwaters of Bristol Bay, would produce billions of tons of toxic mine waste which will likely find a way into local waters--poisoning salmon and the grizzlies that depend on them.

For years, large mining corporations have used two loopholes in the Clean Water Act to dump massive amounts of toxic waste into America's most pristine rivers, lakes, and wetlands--harming watersheds and the wildlife that depend on them.

But with a simple rule change, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Army Corps of Engineers can close these loopholes and stop Big Mining from using our waters as industrial waste dumps.

Please edit and send the message below urging the EPA and Army Corps to close these mining loopholes to protect our nation's waters and wildlife.


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