Demand Justice for Dolphins in the Gulf

Progress: 83%
Progress: 83%
Alerts Taken: 70346     Goal: 85000

Dolphins across the northern Gulf of Mexico have now been dying in high numbers for an utterly unprecedented four years in a row.

In a section of the Louisiana coast that was particularly heavy oiled, dolphins are suffering from anemia, low hormone levels, damaged livers, and their teeth are falling out. Scientists believe that BP's oil is to blame.

But even as dolphins are struggling, BP is in court contesting charges the company violated multiple federal laws--money from the outcome of this case will help restore the Gulf and its wildlife.

But BP is doing everything it can to get out of its obligations and pay a fraction of what the company could pay if held fully accountable.

Take Action! Help dolphins in the Gulf by editing and sending a message to the Department of Justice, urging them to hold BP fully accountable for the oil spill.


  • Attorney General Eric Holder


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