Protect Sea Turtles in the Atlantic

Sea Turtle 
Progress: 62%
Progress: 62%
Alerts Taken: 30985     Goal: 50000

Frequent and severe storms caused by climate change are eroding beaches and washing away nesting habitats for loggerhead sea turtles—putting the future of this cherished species in jeopardy.

Sea turtles are depending on us now to help curb climate change and one solution is just waiting for us off the coast of the Atlantic Ocean—clean energy from offshore wind.

The fossil fuel industry is funding efforts to prevent the growth of clean energy, but together, we can make sure offshore wind along the Atlantic coast plays a major role in America's energy future.

Help sea turtles by editing and sending a message to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, urging them to speed efforts to develop offshore wind energy off the Atlantic coast.


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