Protect Great Lakes Turtles from Toxic Oil

Progress: 90%
Progress: 90%
Alerts Taken: 4484     Goal: 5000

Wood turtles in Minnesota are at risk from a fast-moving proposal to expand the amount of tar sands oil being pumped right through their habitat—threatening their rivers and the Great Lakes with toxic oil spills.

Right now, Enbridge Energy is proposing to nearly double the amount of tar sands oil moving through the Alberta Clipper pipeline, increasing the risk and size of a spill that would put wood turtles and their waters in danger.

We have a critical opportunity to help protect the future of wood turtles and many more Great Lakes and Midwest wildlife by speaking up now.

Help protect wood turtles by editing and sending a message to the U.S. State Department, urging them to stop the Alberta Clipper pipeline expansion.


  • U.S. Department of State


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