Protect Mallards from Toxic Fracking Fluids


Every year, hundreds of thousands of migratory birds, including mallards and other waterfowl, die in open, fluid-filled pits used to store fracking fluid chemicals and wastewater at oil and gas operations. Many birds mistake these open pits filled with highly toxic fluid waste for freshwater ponds.

The federal rules for hydraulic fracturing, or "fracking", on public lands have not been updated for 30 years, and these outdated regulations do not address the widespread fracking activity we see today.

The Bureau of Land Management has requested public comments on its proposal for new and improved rules for fracking on public land. The new rules would require better containment of fracking fluids, water quality monitoring, and disclosure of the chemicals that companies use in their fracking solutions.

Take action! Send a message to the Bureau of Land Management supporting the proposed fracking rules.  



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