Help Give Bison More Room to Roam Free

bison and calf
Progress: 88%
Progress: 88%
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Bison in Yellowstone National Park seek refuge from the park’s high elevation and cold temperatures by roaming to National Forest lands just outside of the park.

Yet in the spring, after bison give birth to their calves, Montana's Department of Livestock start hazing bison back into the boundaries of Yellowstone—and calves suffer in the mayhem.

Thanks to the support of wildlife advocates of National Wildlife Federation's Adopt-a-Wildlife-Acre program, many lands now exist both west and north of the park where bison can roam without coming into contact with livestock.

But, before the bison can get to those safer lands, Montana state agencies need to reverse out-dated rules that currently force bison to stay confined in Yellowstone.

Take Action! Speak up now to give bison more room to roam free of hazing—urge Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks to allow bison to live on public lands west and north of Yellowstone Park.


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