Protect Great Lakes Blue Herons from Oil

Oiled Great Blue Heron
Progress: 90%
Progress: 90%
Alerts Taken: 4482     Goal: 5000

In the Great Lakes, 540,000 barrels of oil are coursing beneath the Straits of Mackinac each day through a 60-plus year old pipeline.

It is an accident waiting to happen. And every day the urgent and immediate risk of unprecedented disaster threaten to irreparably damage Lake Michigan and Lake Huron for decades to come.

A spill from this pipeline would destroy precious wildlife habitat, ruin local economies, pollute our Great Lakes and be impossible to fully clean up.

Add your name to the list of citizens who want Line 5 shut down! Tell Michigan’s Governor Snyder to SHUT DOWN LINE 5!!

Note: This action is only available to residents of Michigan.


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