Protect River Otters From Pollution

River Otter
Progress: 97%
Progress: 97%
Alerts Taken: 24228     Goal: 25000

River otters are extremely sensitive to pollution—and after being almost entirely wiped out, they are now thriving in healthy waterways.

But now countless streams and wetlands that flow into rivers are at risk of being polluted or even destroyed—putting river otters at risk. The Supreme Court has questioned whether many small wetlands should be protected by the Clean Water Act—and it is up to the Environmental Protection Agency to ensure these waters are once again protected.

Scientists with the Environmental Protection Agency just completed a report on the importance of small streams and wetlands to downstream rivers. Now they need to hear from us that this strong science must not be ignored—and it is time to protect wetlands and streams.

Take Action! Tell the Environmental Protection Agency to use the strong science on wetlands and streams to protect them from pollution and destruction.


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