Protect Great Lakes from Coal Pollution

Progress: 67%
Progress: 67%
Alerts Taken: 672     Goal: 1000

This summer, severe floods—which are on the rise from climate change—swept fertilizer and livestock waste into the Great Lakes.

The consequences are terrible for wildlife in Lake Erie, where the fertilizer promotes vast toxic algal blooms that poison fish and birds.

Here in Michigan we can take action to protect the Great Lakes from climate change by tapping into the state's excellent sources of clean energy. The Michigan Public Service Commission just reported that Michigan can easily get 30% of its power from our existing renewable energy sources.

Now, it is up to us to urge Michigan policy-makers to increase the percentage of clean energy that utility companies use.

Take Action! Tell Michigan Governor Snyder to increase the clean, renewable energy used in Michigan to address the climate problems harming the Great Lakes.

This action is only available to Michigan residents.


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