Protect Puffins from Starvation

Progress: 77%
Progress: 77%
Alerts Taken: 38271     Goal: 50000

Young puffins on islands near the coast of Maine were found dead in their nests this spring.

As climate change warms ocean waters, more and more fish species are dwindling. In Maine, herring had moved in search of cooler waters—and the puffins were left without food for their young.

It is up to us to curb the carbon pollution that is devastating puffins. Right now, the Environmental Protection Agency has proposed new requirements that would stop any new power plant from being built unless it meets strict carbon pollution limits.

But, Big Polluters are doing everything they can to fight these pollution limits, so the Environmental Protection Agency needs to hear of the widespread support today for this important step on fighting climate change.

Help protect puffins from climate change by editing and sending a message to the Environmental Protection Agency, telling them you support limiting carbon pollution from proposed coal-fired power plants.


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