Protect Endangered Orcas from Dirty Coal

Progress: 2%
Progress: 2%
Alerts Taken: 1105     Goal: 50000

Endangered orcas in the Northwest are being pushed to the brink of extinction from declining salmon runs, habitat loss and toxic pollution.

Now, orcas are facing a new threat: proposals that would send as much as 100 million tons of coal each year on trains, barges, and supertankers running along the Columbia River and Puget Sound—spewing toxic coal dust and diesel emissions that would pollute the waters on which orcas rely.

Thanks to pressure from people like you, three of the six proposed coal export terminals are now either paused or completely off the table! But there's still work to do in the fight to protect endangered orcas and salmon in the Pacific Northwest.

Help protect endangered orcas by urging state and federal officials to deny permits for coal terminals in the Northwest.


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