Help Make History for Polar Bears

Polar Bear

Progress: 86%
Progress: 86%
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If we allow the planet to continue to warm, polar bears may soon become an endangered species.

Already, in the western Hudson Bay of Canada, the bears have plummeted in number from about 1,200 bears three decades ago to only about 850 polar bears remaining now.

We can fight back where polar bears need us most—putting the brakes on pollution from coal-fired power plants—the country's single largest source of the carbon pollution that's fueling climate change.

But, the Environmental Protection Agency’s historic new actions to fight climate change will not be able to move forward against polluter attacks without huge public support.

Take Action! Speak up for polar bears by showing the Environmental Protection Agency your support for strong limits on pollution from coal-fired power plants.


  • President Barack Obama
  • Environmental Protection Agency


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