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Stop Targeting Our Public Lands

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As sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts, our nation's system of federal public lands provides millions of acres of opportunity. These lands are our nation's shared wealth the "big backyard" that affords us a place to hunt, fish, hike, and recreate in the great outdoors. Public lands for hunting and fishing are a uniquely American idea in a world where the pursuit of game in the wild is often reserved for the privileged few. But these lands are under attack from a few in the U.S. Congress who are ignoring this basic American right.

Influential members of Congress are pushing bills that would systematically dismantle this public lands legacy. The House of Representatives has passed bills that would mandate logging in all national forests and open more lands to mineral development. Another bill would actually sell off millions of acres of federal lands to the highest bidder. Other proposals waive environmental review and open backcountry areas to drilling and development.

As outdoorsmen and women, it is time for us to stand up for our public lands wealth. We depend on these areas for recreation. We cannot afford to remove protections for our backcountry areas. We must keep public lands in public hands and conserve wildlife. When it comes to proposals that would degrade our public lands legacy, we have only one request for Congress:

Safeguard our outdoor heritage and stop targeting our public lands.

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