Keep Moose Safe from Tar Sands Oil Spills

Progress: 77%
Progress: 77%
Alerts Taken: 5777     Goal: 7500

Exxon-Mobil is looking to bring tar sands into the United States by pumping dirty tar sands oil through the waterways in New England that moose depend on for survival.

A tar sands oil spill would devastate this crucial wildlife habitat and be difficult, if not impossible, to clean up.

State leaders need to hear that the tar sands pipeline poses unacceptable risks to important habitat for moose and many more wildlife along its route.

Take Action! Help protect moose by editing and sending a message to your governor, urging him or her to say no to tar sands.

NOTE: This action is only available to residents of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine.


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