Help Give River Otters Clean Water

River otters 
Progress: 71%
Progress: 71%
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River otters need healthy headwater wetlands and streams to filter pollution out of the waters that flow into the rivers where they live.

But right now, many of these smaller waters are at increased risk of pollution and destruction, because Supreme Court decisions have made it unclear which waters are protected under the Clean Water Act.

The good news for river otters is that the Environmental Protection Agency is preparing to issue a final rule clarifying protections for many of the streams, wetlands, and other small waters that are home to countless wildlife and keep water clean for river otters.

To ensure this clean water rule reaches the finish line, Congress needs to hear public support and oppose any legislation that would delay or block the clean water rule.

Take Action! Help protect river otters--edit and send your message of support for healthy wetlands to your members of Congress.



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