American black duck 

Help Protect Crucial Habitat for Ducks

Wetlands and streams with clean water and diverse plants, insects, and fish are vital for American black ducks.

But, the very waters that ducks depend on are at worsened risk of pollution and destruction due to Supreme Court decisions that made it unclear what waters are protected under the Clean Water Act.

Without enough healthy water habitats, ducks struggle to rear their young and find refuge along their migratory flyways.

The good news for ducks is that the Environmental Protection Agency just proposed a rule to ensure that the Clean Water Act once again safeguards many streams, lakes, and wetlands.

Now is a critical time to show your support for the wetlands and streams that ducks, fish, and our sporting traditions depend on.

Please speak up for America’s ducks—take action today in support of Clean Water Act clarifications that protect duck habitat.



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