Help Restore Wild Bison to Montana

Bison were driven nearly to extinction in the late 1800s. In fact, most big-game animals were hunted to extremely low levels. Since then, we’ve recovered all our native big-game animals—except bison.

That could soon change—especially if you weigh in with your support for Montana’s science-based plan to restore significant numbers of wild bison to their native habitat.

Opponents are lobbying Montana wildlife managers to abandon the idea of bison restoration or to keep restoration on the most limited scale possible. The National Wildlife Federation is working closely with our state affiliate, the Montana Wildlife Federation, to support this reintroduction, and your voice is needed. Please help restore a significant herd of wild bison to an ideal expanse of their native prairie habitat! 

Take action—tell Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks that you support a science-based plan to restore wild basin AND to pursue this restoration on a scale that would provide fair-chase opportunities for sportsmen, both in-state and nonresident.




  • Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks' Director Jeff Hagener


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