Don't Let Northern Moose Disappear

Progress: 4%
Progress: 4%
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Moose are disappearing in northern Minnesota. Majestic moose and their calves are stressed from devastating numbers of ticks—on the rise as summers warm and winters shorten. In only a decade, half of the moose population in northern Minnesota rapidly disappeared.

Even as moose and more species that love cold weather suffer, corporate polluters are trying to keep dumping carbon pollution into our air from coal-fired power plants, fueling climate change.

The Environmental Protection Agency is taking action to curb climate change through the Clean Power Plan, but is coming under attack in Congress by polluter-funded opponents. Our nation’s leaders in the U.S. Senate need to hear from you that Americans want clean power, not more pollution that harms at-risk wildlife.

Help address climate change for moose by sending a message to your Senators in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan.




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