Help Stop a Plan to Divert Great Lakes Waters

Great lakes
Progress: 78%
Progress: 78%
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The Great Lakes’ fragile ecosystems, native fish and migratory birds are too precious to allow misuse of their waters.

But, the community of Waukesha, Wisconsin—located in the Mississippi River basin—has been slowly advancing a plan to divert water from Lake Michigan for its own use.

Under the Great Lakes Compact, which we helped create through a decade of advocacy, water can’t just be piped outside of the Great Lakes basin without meeting tough standards.

Fortunately, their plan to take Great Lakes water can be halted by any of the Great Lakes state governors.

As a resident of a Great Lakes state, take action by sending a message to your governor today in support of conserving the Great Lakes!

*Note: This action is open to residents of Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New York.


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