Keep the Momentum Going: Protect Wildlife from Oil and Gas Methane Pollution

Progress: 94%
Progress: 94%
Alerts Taken: 42086     Goal: 45000

Together we’ve made big strides to protect wildlife like pronghorn from methane leaks from oil and gas production. We need your voice now to keep the momentum going!

The Bureau of Land Management just finalized much-needed regulation of methane waste from oil and gas wells on public and tribal lands. This is critical, because methane leaks and intentional releases from oil and gas production fuel climate change that threatens wildlife already struggling against habitat loss from drilling.

Now we need the Environmental Protection Agency to build on this and limit methane pollution from all existing oil and gas facilities across the country -- over 75 percent of methane pollution in the coming years.

Let’s take action now on this opportunity to protect pronghorn. Show the EPA and the new Administration there is overwhelming support for protections against dangerous oil and gas methane pollution.


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