Save the Monarch Butterfly's Winter Home


Nearly all monarch butterflies east of the Continental Divide migrate each fall to the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve in Mexico. This population of monarchs congregate in the Reserve’s oyamel fir trees for several months before returning to their breeding grounds further north.

Maintaining this winter habitat for monarch butterflies is critical to their survival as a species. Yet Grupo Mexico, a large mining consortium in Mexico, is planning to re-open a copper sulfide mine right under the very trees where the monarchs roost.

There is concern that the mine will dry out nearby springs which could kill the fir trees where the monarchs roost. The operation will also produce mountains of mine tailing waste containing acids, heavy metals and other pollutants, causing a significant amount of the water that is used in the mining process to become toxic, including rain runoff from the tailings waste piles.

This type of water pollution has the potential to wipe out the entire migrating eastern monarch butterfly population.

Please sign the petition calling on the President of Mexico to protect monarchs and halt this dangerous mining operation.


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