URGENT: Stop super-pollutant threat to pronghorn

Progress: 85%
Progress: 85%
Alerts Taken: 21342     Goal: 25000

In the coming days the Senate could gut protections that would dramatically cut dangerous methane pollution that threatens pronghorn and other wildlife on public and tribal lands.

The protections under attack would plug methane leaks and excessive venting and flaring of methane—a climate ‘super-pollutant’—by the oil and gas industry on taxpayer-owned lands.

In addition to helping protect wildlife and habitat by stemming climate change, the rules are a winner for our economy: They reduce pollution by capturing a wasted energy resource (natural gas), while generating royalty revenue on our public lands that can return investment to local communities for environmental remediation, education, or infrastructure improvements.

Tell your Senators today to vote NO on repealing this critical protection against dangerous oil and gas methane pollution.


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