Say NO to Scott Pruitt and YES to Wildlife

Bald eagle
Progress: 4%
Progress: 4%
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Bald eagles and every single other wildlife species across our country will be at grave risk if Scott Pruitt is approved as the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Mr. Pruitt has worked to undermine protections for land, water and wildlife, shown that he will put special interests over the public interest, and demonstrated that he will not uphold our nation’s environmental laws or adhere to sound science.

Scott Pruitt stands in stark contrast to former Republican and Democratic EPA administrators who have applied sound science to advance fundamental conservation goals like clean air and clean water. His confirmation has to be stopped, and the only way to do it is in a bi-partisan way—with our members of the Senate coming together to stand strong for wildlife and our outdoor heritage. He only needs 51 votes in the Senate for confirmation, and the vote could happen this week.

Send a message to your senators telling them to vote NO on Scott Pruitt.

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