Stop the Loss of National Parks, Forests, Monuments & Wildlife Refuges
Public Lands
Progress: 83%
Progress: 83%
Alerts Taken: 41520     Goal: 50000

Our public lands—including national parks, forests, monuments and wildlife refuges—provide food and shelter for fish and wildlife, clean air and clean water. These are the abundant, open landscapes, and pristine waterways where animals, fish and birds are following routes that wildlife have traveled for centuries.

Members of Congress recently took a step forward to start “disposing” of the wild public lands that wildlife depend on, selling them to private interests and opening them up widely for harmful oil and gas development. And, a push is on to rollback protections put in place by both Republican and Democratic presidents for millions of acres of unspoiled lands and ocean landscapes along with the very law that created them!

Please take action! Tell Congress to back off, change course and stand up for America’s public lands and wildlife.

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