Speak Out for Grizzly Bear Restoration in the North Cascades

Progress: 105%
Progress: 105%
Alerts Taken: 21062     Goal: 20000

With only a few grizzly bears remaining in the Northwest, an important part of the North Cascades ecosystem and a significant animal for regional indigenous people is in danger of disappearing forever.

The North Cascades Ecosystem, anchored by North Cascades National Park, contains one of the largest areas of wild and protected land in the lower 48 states. It’s an extraordinary piece of our shared natural heritage and a historic home for grizzly bears.

The science is clear: no action means grizzly bears will go locally extinct in the North Cascades.

Please add your own thoughts and send a message in support of the plan to help grizzlies recover and thrive in the North Cascades.

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