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Progress: 64%
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Last year, Governor Baker signed into law an energy bill that committed the Commonwealth to using enough offshore wind power for over half a million homes. Now it’s time to make that historic commitment a reality. Add your name below to let the Baker Administration know you are eager to see Massachusetts harness the massive clean energy potential of wildlife-friendly offshore wind power.

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Protect Communities & Wildlife with Offshore Wind Power

Dear Secretary Mark Marini,

We are fortunate to have access to a world-class offshore wind resource and we are finally poised to harness its potential. I support the swift, environmentally responsible, and large-scale development of offshore wind power for the Commonwealth in order to reduce pollution, improve public health, protect wildlife, create thousands of new jobs across Massachusetts, stabilize electric rates, and demonstrate strong state action to confront climate change.

Now is the moment for the Commonwealth to lead the nation into a new energy chapter, and I urge you to commit to a visionary scale and schedule for the responsible development of our largest untapped clean energy solution.

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