Take Action: National Monument Protections Under Threat

Progress: 76%
Progress: 76%
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Twenty-seven of our treasured national monuments are up for “review”—meaning their boundaries could be reduced, entirely eliminated, or parts or all of them opened up to oil, gas, mining and private development. This review threatens tens of millions of acres of America’s wild public lands and waters.

Wild public lands under attack include Maine’s Katahdin’s Woods and Waters, where struggling moose, lynx and bald eagles survive; Papahānaumokuākea National Marine Monument off Hawaii’s coast where the endangered Hawaiian monk seal lives with 24 species of whales and dolphins; and Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante, protected for more than two decades and such an economic success that the local chamber of commerce unanimously supports it.

We only until July 10 to tell the Department of the Interior to keep these public lands protected. You can use our message, but if you have the time, please personalize it as much as possible on what the wild public lands that are monuments mean to you.

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