Congress: Step Up and Lead on Climate Action

Progress: 83%
Progress: 83%
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The administration is taking us in the wrong direction on climate change with decisions to exit the Paris Agreement and roll back regulations on methane pollution and the Clean Power Plan. Climate-fueled disasters like Hurricane Harvey, Irma and Maria and the massive wildfires in the West show it is now more urgent than ever to call on Congress for legislative solutions.

In the absence of presidential leadership, Congress must step up to stave off dire consequences of a warming world and reassure global partners about our commitment to action.

Withdrawing from the Paris deal threatens to undermine progress to reduce carbon pollution and avoid the worst impacts of climate change, which are already threatening wildlife and communities. And, severely weakening or repealing important federal rules for power plant and oil and gas pollution undercuts our country's ability to help curb climate-altering pollution.

Tell your members of Congress to protect wildlife and people: urge them to work swiftly with congressional colleagues to find solutions and address a changing climate.


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